We asked Roberta to fill out this old-school Myspace survey. Her answers are in BOLD


1.My grandpa once:    Told me to drive to the store for sage at age 12.  No problem 
2.Never in my life have I:  gone sky diving 

3. When I was younger, I:  was pooooorrrr
4.High school was:   So incredibly boring.  Couldn’t get out fast enough
5.When I’m nervous:  I talk even more.  It is possible.  
6.The last time I really cried was:  when I was mad over something that wasn’t my fault.  
7.If I were to get married right now: shoot me 
8.My hair is: a disaster 
9.My feet are:  small for my butt size 
10.When I was 5:   I was scared of the world.  That changed 
11.Last Christmas:  everyone got Covid 
12.When I turn my head left:  I see my poster wall at the moment
13.When I turn my head right:  I see a double chin on my zoom call that I’m attending right now. 
14.My life is not complete without:  concerts 
15.By this time next year:  I want to be good at radio remotes! Or rich and retired 
16.I have a hard time understanding: why people are so nasty on twitter and social media in general. 
17.One time at a family gathering:  Said something inappropriate (always) 
18.Take my advice:   Don’t go out on a Thursday when you have to be at work at 6am
19.My ideal breakfast is:  pizza 
20.If you visit my hometown: don’t go out with JR
21.My friends are: more wild than me and own their shortcomings 
22.If you spend the night at my house:  I will go to bed at 9pm
23.I would stop my wedding if:  no wedding!
24.The world could do without: zoom calls
25.I’d rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: sky dive maybe. Roaches are a terror to me. 
26.The most recent thing I’ve bought myself is:  countertop icemaker