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You may not realize, but almost every time you see a bio of a guy on the radio, they wrote it themselves. That’s why it’s never negative. So I decided not to do it. Instead, I asked some friends to write reviews on me as a person. Here are some of them.
“JR has a cat. That’s all you need to know.”
– William Clark Green
I mean, it’s not ALL you need to know. I’m tall and I like Rumple too. – JR
“JR Takes embarrassing pictures of you when you’re not looking.”
– Cleto Cordero of Flatland Cavalry
This is true.  – JR
“Terrible taste in fast food burger joints. Will judge you for bumming cigarettes. Sounds just like the morning DJ in Lubbock. Bathrooms are filthy! Avoid at all costs. 1/5 stars”
-Stuart Dietzman
My bathrooms are just fine thank you. – JR
“Will drown you in a sea of Rumple Minze and pictures of his cat, but at least he likes good music. 4/5 Stars.”
– Kayla Whitefield
Staffing Professional
If you don’t ask to see pictures of my cat, I’m going to show you anyway.  – JR
“JR – The happiest, Rumpliest, beared, cat dad I know. As honest as they come, and a friend even when there is nothing to offer in return.”
– Musician, Austin Meade
This is nice. It’s almost like you didn’t understand the exercise.  – JR
“He had a cat. What do you expect?”

– Jordan York

Musician – Jordan York
The great thing about being me is the bar is set really, really, really low.  – JR
“JR was born sometime in the 70’s. Doctors were baffled as he became the first baby to ever be born with a bottle of rumple in his hands. After a brief stint in his least favorite job ever (college student) he became the worlds favorite DJ. Texans and Kansasians alike know one thing, to know JR is to know a teddy bear.”

– JD Walker

My mom was a little stunned by the bottle too. – JR
Partying with JR almost killed me two times in a row, I look forward to the third time this Friday. Five stars”

– Glenn Wallace

Musician – Troy Cartwright
“Quick-witted, clever, and with a voice made for radio, JR is one of the best DJ’s in the Texas music scene”
John Baumann
Musician – John Baumann
You sir, speak like you are covered with manly body hair.- JR

What year were you born? That seems personal. My mother’s maiden name however…

What holiday is closest to your birthday? Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving.

What is your name if you spell it without the letters “e” “y” and “t”? JR

If you named a band after your birth-month and your pet, what would it be? December Chicken. Hey, that’s dope.

Who is your 9th contact in your phone? Jayson Adams. Always a good guy to work with for JABFEST!

Have you had your birthday yet this year? Strangely enough, I have a birthday every year. Trying to get them to stop is the hard part. 

How old will you be in 5 years? I Don’t want to think about it.

How about in 20 years? I SAID I DON’T WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT

Where was the last place you went? I’m writing this in my office, before here I was at home after a brief stop at the grocery store. I live an exciting life.

Do you have a twin? Apparently somewhere in Lubbock there’s a guy that looks like me. We have never met, even though we were both at the same bar at the same time. I heard he drinks.

What was the last movie you watched? Yesterday I watched some movie with Mark Ruffalo and Reese Witherspoon about her being a ghost but not dead…? It had a few plot holes to be honest. It came out in 2005. 

Are you afraid of shots? I welcome shots from needles and glasses.

What color are the walls of the room you are in? It’s like a…beige?

How many letters are in your middle name? 5. I’m ready to try and wordle it out there.

Is your last name longer than 6 letters long? Nope.

If you were in an accident, would you rather lose a hand or an ear? I’m gonna go with ear on this one. My headphones still work without the ear to hold them up.

Have you ever dyed your hair an unnatural color? True story, I used to dye it blonde. Apparently I’ve always been vein even though I don’t work at it.

If a gorilla and a horse had a baby, what would the new creature be called? Baby Hor-illa. I like saying that out loud.

Does anyone call you baby? Not these days.

Regular Cheetos or hot? Don’t sleep on regular Cheetos. They’re the GOAT for a reason.

How’s your heart lately? Still pumping!

Favorite fruit? Does it still count if it’s got cheese on it?

Are you scared of spiders? Are you using this against me to terrorize me? If yes then No. If no, then Yes.

Do you have a piercing? Nope!

If someone doesn’t like you, its usually because…? I find old myspace surveys and make people fill them out. Seriously that’s what happened today. 

Do you wear the hood on your hoodie? Only when the wind kicks up real bad.

How long does it take for you to take a shower? 15 minutes? Maybe 10? I haven’t set a timer.

Do you like being around a large group of friends, or two best friends? I find there are great times for both!

Whose birthday is coming up? My ex girlfriends. Seriously, what am I supposed to do with that information now? It just stays with me forever?

Do you like roller coasters? No. But only because I’m too tall! 

Do you have a tattoo? I’ve got 4!

What is wrong with you right now? I have pants on. Weirdly, they like when I wear them here at the station.

What was the last movie you went to? Spider-Man No Way Home.

Do you care what others think about you? I’d love to tell you I don’t. But I definitely do. I hate that some might have a bad impression of me.

Do think you’ll be married in 10 years? Going off of history, it doesn’t look good.

Are you afraid of the dark? Like dark in my house dark? Or dark in the woods dark? Because those are two very different types of dark.

Do you like your life at the moment? I do what I love. It’s a lot of work but I do love it. My love life isn’t great, but hey.

Where were you last night? In bed at 8p.

What kind of shirt are you wearing? T-shirt! A Kody West band tee.

Has someone of the opposite sex ever told you they loved you? Yeah I’ve fooled people before.

What are you afraid of the most? Being generally ignored. 

When’s the last time you wanted to punch someone in their face? I don’t want to answer this question. It’s usually mirror related.

Do you have a crush on someone? Sure!

When is your birthday? December 3rd!

What are you doing tonight? I’m gonna be in bed at 8p.

Describe life in one word: awesome

What happened at 10:00 am today? I went to lunch!

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