Blood music video From Kaitlin Butts

When I got sent the song ‘blood’ from Kaitlin, I could feel the family drama, the tension, the unresolved feelings that must have built up over the years. The video for ‘blood’ came out today, and I wasn’t disappointed. I truly love a video that brings you to the emotional temperature the songwriter intended. In the video the dutiful daughter sets out dinner, only to have scornful looks thrown her way, followed by a “all I see is red” tirade from the father figure. If your home was dysfunctional, you’ll recognize some of this, if your home was broken, theres a good chance this video will move you. 

The Sad YeeHaw Sessions EP put out by Kaitlin, is one of my favorite things to happen before the holidays. I must have listened to it 10 times on my road trip to my own broken home for the holidays. 


If you have a hard time connecting with the video and/or the album, I want to congratulate you on your happier upbringing.