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You may not realize, but almost every time you see a bio of a guy on the radio, they wrote it themselves. That’s why it’s never negative. So I decided not to do it. Instead, I asked some friends to write reviews on me as a person. Here are some of them.
“JR has a cat. That’s all you need to know.”
– William Clark Green
I mean, it’s not ALL you need to know. I’m tall and I like Rumple too. – JR
“JR Takes embarrassing pictures of you when you’re not looking.”
– Cleto Cordero of Flatland Cavalry
This is true.  – JR
“Terrible taste in fast food burger joints. Will judge you for bumming cigarettes. Sounds just like the morning DJ in Lubbock. Bathrooms are filthy! Avoid at all costs. 1/5 stars”
-Stuart Dietzman
My bathrooms are just fine thank you. – JR
“Will drown you in a sea of Rumple Minze and pictures of his cat, but at least he likes good music. 4/5 Stars.”
– Kayla Whitefield
Staffing Professional
If you don’t ask to see pictures of my cat, I’m going to show you anyway.  – JR
“JR – The happiest, Rumpliest, beared, cat dad I know. As honest as they come, and a friend even when there is nothing to offer in return.”
– Musician, Austin Meade
This is nice. It’s almost like you didn’t understand the exercise.  – JR
“He had a cat. What do you expect?”

– Jordan York

Musician – Jordan York
The great thing about being me is the bar is set really, really, really low.  – JR
“JR was born sometime in the 70’s. Doctors were baffled as he became the first baby to ever be born with a bottle of rumple in his hands. After a brief stint in his least favorite job ever (college student) he became the worlds favorite DJ. Texans and Kansasians alike know one thing, to know JR is to know a teddy bear.”

– JD Walker

My mom was a little stunned by the bottle too. – JR
Partying with JR almost killed me two times in a row, I look forward to the third time this Friday. Five stars”

– Glenn Wallace

Musician – Troy Cartwright
“Quick-witted, clever, and with a voice made for radio, JR is one of the best DJ’s in the Texas music scene”
John Baumann
Musician – John Baumann
You sir, speak like you are covered with manly body hair.- JR
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