Text Roulette Bar Game- How To Play

This game was invented sitting around a bar with some friends, and it’s quite likely that you won’t be as good of friends after this game take place. The game may seem convoluted, but it’s pretty easy to understand, which helps if you’re drinking while you’re playing.

So here’s the rules on playing:

The person whose phone it is gets 3 vetos. But there are automatic vetos, like if it lands on a family member, or someone you work with.

You’re going to need their support after this game is over.

So someone in full view of the group of players, will randomly scroll until they land on someone,

the group then gets three questions to ask about that person.

Assuming no automatic vetos happen, and the person hasn’t used any of their 3 vetos (say on an ex), then the group will decide what to text that person. Oh yeah, you read that right, THE GROUP gets to decide what to text them.

The person whose phone it is has to be the person to press send. If they decide they can’t press send, then they owe a round of drinks/shots to the group.

No followup texts are allowed to the people that have been texted, until the next day (after you go to sleep and wake up). Then it’s the next persons turn. You just keep doing that until you decide your life is falling apart.