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JDITM 2-16-15

JDITM 1-16-15

JDITM Thursday December 11th 2014

On today's show: Time's Person of the Year, phonebook belongs in the trash, News You Can Abuse is silly

JDITM Tuesday November 25th 2014

On today's show: Looters and protesters aren't the same thing, Thanksgiving drink recipes, how to stay healthy on Thursday, and Kim Jong Un is renamed Kim Jong Soft Wong.

JDITM Monday October 20th 2014

JDITM Tuesday October 21st 2014

JDITM Wednesday October 22nd 2014

On today's show: silly political ads, the strangest requests from the rich and powerful at fancy hotels, and a feminist video wants your daughter to drop the F-bomb.

JDITM Thursday September 11th 2014

On today's show: Serious stuff first - 9/11, NFL, ISIS etc. Then funny stuff. In Vancouver someone 'erected' a statue of Satan with an ... erection. And the things your parents did when they were your age that would get them arrested if they did it now.

JDITM Wednesday August 27th 2014

JD is back! Listeners share their stories of getting caught by the parents making out in high school, we're starting a new show, and more!

JDITM Thursday August 14th 2014

On today's show: JD, Dave, and Tommy complain for an entire segment, the Dallas man who claimed his own country, and Prophets & Outlaws in studio!

JDITM Wednesday August 13th 2014

On today's show: Rory plays better golf single, summer foods you need to eat before it's too late and Tyler & The Tribe in Studio!

JDITM Wednesday August 6th 2014

On today's show: Congress gets paid too much, and Statesboro Revue live in studio!

JDITM Tuesday August 5th 2014

On today's show: We play the new Josh Abbott Band song despite what record labels want us to do, the 9 lies you were told as kids that you probably still believe, and ways that supermarkets get you to spend more money.

JDITM Wednesday July 30th 2014

On Today's Show: An Irish family conversation ends in, "You're a brain-dead bastard!" an MMA fighter in Houston gets robbed, until he turns the tables on the robbers, and the 11 pick-up lines only cops can get away with.
Live in the Rebel Studio
Prophets & Outlaws - Rude
From the Rebel Cover Song Series - Prophets & Outlaws cover the Magic song 'Rude'
Prophets & Outlaws - Nothing But Me
Live on JD in the Morning Show 8-14-2014
Prophets & Outlaws - Soul Shop
ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - Not heard on air
Tyler & The Tribe - Problem COVER SERIES
Listen to Tyler & The Tribe Cover Ariana Grande's 'Problem.' Live on the JD in the Morning Show 8-13-2014
Tyler & The Tribe - Stupid Crazy
Not heard on air - ONLINE EXCLUSIVE!
Tyler & The Tribe - Lips
Live on the JD in the Morning Show 8-13-2014
Tyler & The Tribe - Let Love Out
Live on the JD in the Morning Show 8-13-2014
Statesboro Revue - Superman
INTERNET EXCLUSIVE Recorded exclusively for TheRedDirtRebel.com
Statesboro Revue - Huck Finn
INTERNET EXCLUSIVE. Recorded exclusively for TheRedDirtRebel.com
Statesboro Revue - Crazy
JD in the Morning Show Cover Song Series from Gnarles Barkley
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