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JDITM Monday July 28th 2014

On today's show: Another reason to lose faith in humanity as a bus driver goes on a racist rant, and #ImSoLubbock!

JDITM Thursday July 24th 2014

On today's show: Southwest Airlines kicks a guy off a flight for Tweeting a complaint, it's National Tequila Day, and Gabe Garcia joins us in studio.

JDITM Wednesday July 23rd 2014

On Today's Show: It's Monica Lewinsky's Birthday, your faith in humanity goes away completely as we talk about a woman who literally stole candy from a baby, and a guy in Ohio wants to hold a straight white guy parade. Your float ideas are discussed.

JDITM Tuesday July 22nd 2014

On Today's Show: A billionaire thinks we should only work 3 days a week, Who is the best Batman, and the 10 things skinny people eat that we don't want to.

JDITM Monday July 21st 2014

JDITM Wednesday July 16th 2014

On today's show, we discuss the Tech athletic situation, Comcast hates you, and William Clark Green in studio.

JDITM Tuesday July 15th 2014

JD, Dave, & Tommy are inappropriate, Apple won't let you put the V word on an iPad, and Matt Hillyer in studio!

JDITM Monday July 14th 2014

Savannah is leaving the show, We're going to replace her with a new cohost in a gameshow style competition, and the things people pretend to like, but don't actually like.

JDITM Wednesday July 9th 2014

On Today's Show: JD was on TV yesterday, The 8 things to never say to a woman.

JDITM Tuesday July 8th 2014

On today's show: Tommy is missing. Savannah wants an elaborate marriage proposal. The great male survey reasons why people divorce. Jimbo the bowling pro stops by, and the Hashtags girls use about guys across the country.

JDITM Monday July 7th 2014

On today's show: We discuss TTU girls basketball player Amber Battle, the things science fiction writers guessed right a century ago about the future, and the 10 worst ice cream flavors of all time.

JDITM Wednesday July 2nd, 2014

On Today's Show: The World Cup is basically over, Savannah's advice segment, and the Tech cheerleader who is a big game hunter. We support her!

JDITM Tuesday, July 1st 2014

On Today's show: The top 10 selling beers in the world

JDITM Friday June 27th 2014

On today's Show: Things husbands and wives do when their spouse is out of town, the 14 best high school yearbook quotes of all time, and strange phobias you probably don't know how to pronounce.

JDITM Thursday June 26th 2014

On today's show: Charlie Hodges joins us, Hot off the press topical references, Savannah won't talk, the criminal who tried to glue a lottery ticket to look like a winner, the 10 biggest fast myths and more.

JDITM Wednesday June 25th 2014

On today's show: Savannah is late, the hot criminal speaks out, 10 things never to say to someone in their 20s, and how many kids and when.

JDITM Tuesday June 24th 2014

On Today's Show: Two teenagers couldn't rob a 70 woman, the words men know but women don't, and the 10 foods Texas does better than anyone else.

JDITM Monday June 23rd 2014

On Today's Show: Summer camp for adults, celebrities North Korea hates, and the 9 most influential TV shows in American history.

JDITM Thursday June 19th

Thursday's JD in the Morning Show podcast - Today featuring: Is Savannah Crazy? #AmITheOnlyOneWho...    and Ray Johnston LIVE! 

JDITM Monday 6-16-2014

JDITM June 11th, 2014

JDITM Thursday May 29th 2014

The Helium Show!

JD in the Morning Wednesday May 28th, 2014

JDITM Friday May 22nd 2014

JDITM Thursday May 22nd 2014

JDITM Wednesday May 21th, 2014

JDITM Tuesday May 20th, 2014

JD in the Morning Tuesday May 20th 2014

JD in the Morning Monday May 19, 2014


JD Morning 5-9-2014

Robert Earl Keen Interview 5-9-14

JD talks with Robert Earl Keen who is playing at Homerstock 2014!

Dalton Domino in Studio

Dalton Domino in studio 5-5-2014

JD in the Morning Podcast

JD in the Morning:
JD, Neely, Tommy Turner, Savannah, and Dave Walker hold court on everything going on in Lubbock!

Live in the Rebel Studio
Sunny Sweeney - Back Handed Compliment
Live in the Rebel Studios 7-23-14
Sunny Sweeney In Studio with David Wilde
Gabe Garcia - Love That
Gabe Garcia - Country Looks Good on You LIVE
Matt Hillyer INTERNET EXLUSIVE - A Little Less Whiskey
Internet Exclusive from the JD in the Morning Show. Not heard on the air.
Rebel Cover Song Series - Matt Hillyer "On Top of the World"
Matt Hillyer of Eleven Hundred Sprigs covers Imagine Dragons "On Top of the World"
Matt Hillyer - If These Old Bones Could Talk LIVE in Studio
Live on the JD in the Morning Show
Ray Johnston - No Bad Days LIVE
Live on the JD in the Morning Show - 6/19/14
Rebel Cover Song Series - Ray Johnston - "I'm Yours"
The second in the Red Dirt Rebel cover series where we ask Red Dirt artists to cover a pop song.
Ray Johnston - She's Like Mexico LIVE
Live on the JD in the Morning Show
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